Monday, September 15, 2014

Baby Q, Lists, Anxiety

My Baby Q was last Saturday and it went pretty well. Rory received some great gifts from lots of people and it was nice to have around 15 people show up. Some didn't stay very long, but others stayed the whole day. We grilled out hamburgers and hot dogs, had a bunch of sides, and of course, cupcakes! My parents bought a new fire pit so by the time the sun was setting we were able to do s'mores and keep warm. I was also able to meet a few more of Jason's friends.

We're now counting down to D-Day and my list of things to do, things to buy, and things to pack is slowly shrinking. Rory has all the major things and as soon as Jason is done fixing up the Subaru we will install the car seat so that will be ready and waiting. Jason was able to score three days off for an unofficial paternity leave. At first we thought he'd only get one day, so three days is a great improvement! Now we're both secretly hoping I go into labor on a Friday so we'd get the weekend plus Monday-Wednesday together with Rory. I still get my 12 weeks maternity which will start on the day I go into the hospital. I guess I was a bit naive. I thought working this late into my pregnancy would be a breeze, but it's only getting more difficult! I'm having bouts of sciatica and of course constant back pain. But I really want all 12 weeks with Rory, so I'm doing my best to work through it.

In non-baby news, I had to put my beloved cat of 14 years down a couple weeks ago due to cancer. She was my love, and I will always hold her near and dear to my heart. But a couple days after her passing, a black kitten wandered into my life unexpectedly. We think he was left behind by our neighbors who moved away. He doesn't belong to anyone in the neighborhood so we officially adopted him, or rather, he adopted us? I named him Captain Jack. Jack loves playing with our three other cats, and is a typical hyperactive kitten. He does sleep mostly through the night pressed up against me or Jason. I will have to teach him not to lay near Rory though!

Today I'm officially 35 weeks pregnant! People keep saying I look small or that I'm "all baby", and I haven't "dropped" yet. But I feel huge every time I try to get out of bed! And I definitely have that lovely pregnancy waddle. I still feel nowhere near ready, even though we pretty much are. I think a huge part of first time parenting is just jumping in and doing what you feel is best, even if you feel like you have no idea what you're doing. That's my plan, and I'm sticking to it!

Saturday, September 13, 2014


MRW I realize I still have six more weeks until my due date:

MRW I'm at work another person expects me to lift a heavy object by myself:

MRW Rory kicks my ribs and head butts my hip at the same time:

MRW I ate the last piece of candy corn:

MRW I drop something on the floor and I realize I have to pick it up:

MRW I realize I'm going to me a mom soon and I have no idea what I'm doing:

Monday, August 25, 2014

Figuring Things Out..

One of the many things I want to try as a new mother is babywearing. I like the idea of it, and the benefits it can provide to baby and mom are overwhelming. Now I'm faced with trying to find an affordable babywearing device that works best for me and Rory. I've heard all the wonder stories about the Ergo, Tula, and Boba. I've read the warnings that the traditional baby bjorn is awful for baby and mom. After much research, I ordered a Baby K'tan. I think it'll be best for Rory at least in the newborn stage at which point I'll probably transition to a mei tai. I was set on a Moby, and I still have one on my registry, but I don't want to worry about tying it with a crying newborn who needs to be soothed, along with the fact that I'm having Rory in a Michigan autumn, which might as well be a Michigan winter. I don't want to deal with the Moby's tails dragging in the slush, and trying to tie it in the cold. I did find an Infantino Sync at Once Upon a Child yesterday for $15, which I'll probably try too. The reviews aren't great online, but for $15, it's not a huge deal. If it doesn't work out, I'll just sell it.

I feel like my belly has popped out a lot since I hit the third trimester. Rory's movements are dramatic when he is awake, and he usually makes my belly lopsided! My doctor said because of my low fundal height, he's probably transverse, but based on his movements it feels more like he's laying diagonally, with his head in my right hip most of the time. He gets hiccups at least once a day and they seem to be centered on the lower right side. I feel lumps and body parts, but it's impossible to tell what I'm feeling! I just hope he moves into position soon. I know there is still plenty of time, but I can already tell this guy is going to be a stubborn baby!

Eight more weeks and I'm feeling pretty good. I'm in good spirits and feel mostly excited about things. I get bad back pain if I wear my oh so cute, but torturous, black flats while out shopping or walking. Tylenol PM is still by BFF right now, aside from Jason's personal back rubs.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Single Digits....And 8 Months Pregnant?

Nine weeks until D-Day and we still have SO much to do. But to be fair, a good amount has been accomplished in the past couple months. I still have no idea if I have enough outfits. I want to plan for everything, but is there such a thing as being too prepared? What if I buy too much? What if I buy too little? What if he pees in my face? What if he poops all over the walls? What if he sleeps all day and stays up all night? What if my baby comes out with red hair?! (just kidding, TOTALLY want a ginger baby) Ahh, the anxieties keep me up at night!

Nine more weeks until D-Day also means nine more weeks of work! Which is awesome because I'm using maternity leave downtime (haha, right?) to look for a new higher paying job. I have a bachelor's degree, I should be able to find something better. But I also want a first shift job, which might make it a bit more difficult. If anything, I want to see if I can change my availability to only work mornings at my current job. So I can be home in the evenings with Rory and Jason. And live a somewhat normal life, eating dinner together, taking care of Rory in the evenings, and going to bed together. It would be nice even if it is only a pipe dream at this point.

Jason has been working to get our family vehicle operational and safe to take Rory home in while dealing with his own work related stress. He was able to come to my doctor's appointment today, which was nice. It's the first and only one he'll be able to come to, but at least he got to see how things go at my appointments and hear Rory's heartbeat. Jason talks to Rory a lot, and it makes him move like crazy! He loves hearing his daddy's voice. I love it just as much. As much as this baby was a huge shock, I think we're both a little excited to have him in our lives. Jason likes talking about all the things he's going to do with him when he's older such as working on cars and playing music. And me? I just spend all day researching breast feeding tips and trying to figure out if it's worth it to cloth diaper.

 And here's an official look at Rory's nursery, before and after:

Now I'm off to drink more water. Because apparently going pee twice every hour is something I'll just have to accept. For a few more weeks anyway!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Third Trimester, pains, laughs, and feelings

I'm 30 weeks today, which means I'm already a couple weeks into my last trimester. I have pretty mixed feelings. Of course I kind of enjoy being pregnant. While this pregnancy was unplanned and a huge shock, I'm finally feeling ready and excited to be a mom. Feeling Rory's kicks and jabs, while sometimes painful, are a sweet reminder that I'm growing a baby. I'm doing something many woman never get the chance to experience even if they want to. I'm so lucky I haven't had any complications while Rory is growing inside me. And I'm seeing/feeling how amazing and capable the human body can be. (I really never thought it was possible for my skin to stretch this much!) On the other hand, the back pain is getting worse and I'm so tired and feeling lazy all the time. I hate it. I want to run again and go for bike rides, I want to not have to take a nap everyday without feeling like I'm dragging just to get through a day. I want to be able to eat and drink what I want! And most of all, I want to hold Rory in my arms. I want to take sweet photos of Rory sleeping with Jason, his tiny face nuzzled up next to Jason's fuzzy red beard. I want to breast feed Rory and have that incredible bonding experience that so many mother's seem to cherish and love. I want to teach Rory how to be a loving, compassionate child and eventually a mature compassionate man. Ten more weeks and my life starts over. The life of being a mother.

Everything is going pretty smoothly. My gestational diabetes test came back normal. The infamous sugar drink wasn't even that bad! My iron is a bit low so I'm on something for that. I got my Rhogam shot since I'm Rh-. And I got my Tdap shot last week. I'm definitely over needles by now!

Rory's nursery is mostly done. We still need to get his clothing rack set up and the mattress/bedding set up in place. The latter I'm not too worried about since he will be sleeping bedside for a couple months post birth in a Rock n' Play sleeper.

That's it for now! I can't believe I'm in the final stretch!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Pregnancy Tips (or things I've learned so far!)

I thought it'd be fun to compile a list of tips I would give to those women who just found out they are pregnant, or those who are thinking of becoming pregnant. Because I've learned more about my body and what it's capable of in the past five months, than in the past five years. Also, who doesn't like random lists on the internet?!

1. When in doubt about whether you should pee before that car trip or going to bed. Just go. You'll have to go an hour later anyway, but at least it won't be as urgent.
2. Tears will come at random times and it won't always make sense. Just learn to laugh it off.
3. Eat what you crave, as long as it's not something weird like paint chips or cat poop. (Pica is REAL, see your doctor ladies!) But seriously, if you're craving some sushi or a hot dog, go for it. You'll feel better and the chance of getting ill is so ridiculously low. Don't deprive yourself!
4. You are awesome for growing a human, but there are some things you won't be able to do anymore. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. When I felt cramps after a two mile bike ride, I continued for another half mile because I thought they would go away. They got worse and it was the scariest moment of my pregnancy so far. Luckily everything was fine, but it was a wake up call. Take it easy, and always consult your doctor before attempting something your body isn't used to!
5. Your baby doesn't hate you even if he/she keeps you up all night with kicks/pokes/jabs/rolls/karate. I've been told we'll miss feeling them move when they're born. So cherish it as much as you can, even if it means you have to secretly sneak in a nap at work the next day.
6. You will get discharge from pretty much every hole in your body. It won't always be pleasant but rest assured, most of the time, it's normal. My nose runs all the time sometimes, my nipples leak like they are ready to feed 300 babies, and we won't talk about the other bodily fluids, but yeah. It's all pretty much normal. Weird? Yes. But normal.
7. People (the general public) may treat you differently when you start showing. Don't let it get to you if they are dicks. Old ladies generally tend to be the sweetest while mothers of two or more kids often like to give sad sympathetic looks.
8. On that note, people you don't know, care about, or like will suddenly be encyclopedias full of knowledge on how YOU should raise YOUR child or proceed with YOUR pregnancy. They will become experts on natural births, epidurals, breast feeding, how to sleep/eat/think, how spanking is good/bad, cry it out method is torture/awesome, etc, etc, etc. I've found the best thing to do is smile and nod politely but in my mind, I know I'm raising my kid how I want to. I'm sure some things won't work out as I am planning them to, but I think being able to adapt is the most valuable skill a mother can have. But, that's just my opinion!

 I'm currently 25 weeks and before I know it, I'll be entering the final stretch! Rory is growing and moving constantly! I think we're going to have our hands full! He is mostly transverse from what I can tell, but I think from time to time he rotates into head down position. When I lay on my side I feel him kicking on my side, when I lay on my back I feel kicks near my belly button. This morning I was pushing on my stomach near my belly button and I think I felt a leg...or a foot. My back pain is getting increasingly worse and there was the bike riding incident as mentioned in #4. I think I got my first feeling of minor labor pains with that, and wow...I mean ow? So I'm just trying to take it easy and rest plenty on my days off work.

We'll be paining Rory's room next week. And the week after that we'll be picking up the furniture. His room should be all done by early August! I'm hoping to have the Baby Q invites mailed out by the end of this month, and then my parents will be getting everything set up for that to take place on September 6th! This summer is going by way too fast! So much to do! But we're getting very excited.

Approximately 15 more weeks until we meet Rory and 95 more days until my maternity leave! :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Baby Stuff and Baby Kicks

Rory has become a regular ninja and I'm starting to pick up on his schedule. From around 10pm-11pm he's wide awake and rolling around like a professional circus tumbler in my belly. At around 8am he decides it's time to do some morning punches. And around noon everyday he practices kicking my stomach like it's a soccer ball. All in all, I love every single minute of it. At night it's my ritual to lay my hands on my stomach to feel him. I talk to him a bit everyday and sing to him when I'm in the car. :)

I'm 22 weeks this week. I had my first customer at work ask if I was pregnant so apparently I don't just look a bit chubby anymore!

Then in the background of that photo you can see we finally picked out our nursery color scheme! We'll be doing a white moulding around the middle-ish of the room and paint the top blue, and the bottom brown. Then we'll have hints of orange to add a bit of color to the room. I'm thinking an orange fuzzy rug, or painting his name orange on wooden letters to hang above his crib. The moulding around the door and windows will also be white. We're hoping to start painting by mid July.

Next month my doctor's appointments become more frequent. I'll be going every two weeks instead of every four. But everything is going pretty well. The gestational diabetes test is on July 8th, and I'll be getting my Rhogam shot soon after. Yay for being RH-!

So far I've gained 15 pounds which is well within my goal weight gain of 25. Surprising, because I've been craving nothing but sweets and starches and I haven't been motivated enough to exercise minus the running around I do at work. That counts for something, right?!

I went baby shopping with my mom recently. We got Rory a ton of cute clothes, toys, and other misc. items! It was fun. I started organizing his clothes by size since I anticipate having a surplus of those by the time he is born. From me, my family, and Jason's family.

Jason and I also created the baby registry at Target a couple weeks ago. It was fun. We already knew which stroller and car seat we wanted. Then we added some basics like a high chair, pack and play, bibs, etc. I also started working on the Baby Q shower invite, which I think will take place on September 6th. I think that gives us enough time to get everything finalized before Rory's arrival. We'll have a few weeks to buy things we didn't get at the Baby Q. I'll be 33 weeks at that point, so hopefully not -too- exhausted- to do any final prep work.

Well that's it for now. Things are moving along. I'm enjoying Rory's kicks, pokes, and jabs. Jason also recently felt Rory's kicks for himself and that was amazing of course.  Now I just have to find out how to deal with this crazy Michigan humidity without going crazy!